The fireplace in your home serves not only as a source of heat, but also a place of comfort. Do you enjoy sitting down by the fireplace and enjoying the warmth provided by the fire? You are not alone. To keep your fireplace in working order, BC Wide Home Services offers a variety of services to not only ensure it’s working as it should, but also effectively, efficiently, and cleanly.

We provide:

  • Fireplace Regular service and maintenance
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Fireplace Repairs
  • Fireplace Replacements

Fireplace Service

To ensure it’s working at 100%, regular fireplace maintenance is essential. BC Wide Home Services offers the full range of services in fireplace inspections. We will provide you with a comprehensive examination of your fireplace and perform the services necessary to keep it in proper working order.

Our checklist includes:

  • Checking for carbon monoxide
  • Checking for gas leaks
  • Checking the pilot assembly
  • Checking the main burner
  • Checking the ignitor
  • Checking the electrical system
  • Checking the blower
  • Checking glass doors and gaskets
  • Checking the safety switch
  • Cleaning the glass around the fireplace
  • Checking log conditions

Fireplace Repair

Few things are cozier than relaxing in front of a fireplace, which is why we want to make sure it’s working properly. BC Wide Home Services offers fireplace repairs for every possible problem that your fireplace can have.

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