Air Quality Tips for Pet Owners

Prevention is Key
There are many steps you can take to prevent pet dander build up in your home before it becomes an issue.

One simple tip is to bathe or brush your pets regularly. This gets to the root of the problem (see what I did there?) before it builds up within your home.

Sweep often. Sweeping often will help gather settled dander that could eventually end up in your ducts.

Consider using a HEPA air cleaner. The pet dander that you can’t gather up from sweeping might be floating in the air. A HEPA air cleaner attached to your central heating or air conditioning can help remove the pet allergens from the air easily.

Maintenance is a must
Regular maintenance of your homes HVAC system is key. A big part of maintaining good air quality in your home depends on a well-running HVAC system. This, of course, becomes more important when you add pets into the equation. Dander and pet hair can accumulate in your ductwork or air filter and without regular cleaning will build up.