Solutions to duct related HVAC problems

Fortunately, HVAC problems caused by duct issues are generally easy to fix. With just the call to your HVAC service company, your ducts can be cleaned and unclogged quickly.

Get an Inspection
With everything else in our life, it can be easy to forget to book regular duct inspections. If they have not received much attention, dander, pollen, and other particles will build up.

Repair Leaks
Repair leaks in your ducts as soon as they occur to avoid them getting worse. Hire an HVAC professional to seal any leaks. This will be an immediate solution to noises and whistling that arises in your ducts.

Consider Duct Sizing
It is possible that your problems are stemming from an improperly designed system. If your load capacity was misdiagnosed by your original contractor, you could have undersized ducts that will make your system have to work harder to keep up.

Add More Vents
It is all too common that HVAC problems are caused by too few supplies and return vents. With not enough supply and return vents, it will result in unbalanced air pressure. This will decrease both comfort and efficiency.

Flexible ducts? Check for damage
If you have flexible ducts installed that are made of plastic, it is possible that the tubes have been damaged. Check your ducts for any signs of kinks or leaks. In some cases, supports can help balance your ducts and prevent further alignment issues.

If you are experiencing any issues related to your HVAC system, give us a call and our technicians can help you decide what solution works best for you!