Summer – a time when we like to slow down, relax and spend quality time with our friends and our family. To make sure you are cool and comfortable this summer, preparing your HVAC unit with some seasonal maintenance tips is essential! Maintaining your system keeps the warranty intact and increases the life of your unit.

Here are some basic maintenance tips to get you ready for warmer temperatures:

1. Change your air filter

Clogged air filters can restrict the flow of air and decrease the level of cooling in your home as a result. A clean filter can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 15%. If you have a temporary paper filter, replace it every three months. Even better invest in a permanent Electrostatic Filter, this can be removed and rinsed off, saving you money.

2. Book Air Duct cleaning

To ensure unrestricted air flow and the ease of operation of your HVAC unit, have your air ducts cleaned to remove any dust, debris and allergens that have built up. This results in easier air flow and cleaner air – less dusting

3. Upgrade your thermostat

With many new Smart thermostats on the market, it is an excellent idea to upgrade your thermostat, giving you complete control over the temperature settings for your home.
These allow you to program the temperature to warmer when you are not home and set the cooler temperatures for when you return, so you save money and reap the optimal benefits of your appliance.

4. Check the outsider condenser

As the condenser is located outside your home, it is exposed to the elements and can become blocked by leaves, grass and debris. Checking the surrounding area and providing a clear zone around it is essential for proper operation of the unit. This enables the unit to draw in the air required to cool your home. If you notice any damage to the unit or the components, do not attempt to straighten or repair them yourself, please call us to diagnose and repair as needed.

5. No A/C installed at present?

With many options now available from A/C system to heat pumps which cover heating and cooling, it is easier than ever to upgrade your home. Rebates are also available to help ease the cost of improving your system.

Have a wonderful summer season from all of us at BC Wide Home Services Ltd.