When your furnace or boiler ages, it loses efficiency with each passing year. A furnace that is 20-25 years old has an average efficiency of around 60%.
In essence, this means that 40% of the heat generated by combustion is lost through the flue and venting, taking your home longer to heat, and costing more money as a result.

High-efficiency models today are both more efficient and more environmentally friendly, as they are condensing models limiting the emissions coming from your home.

Typically, these models have an average efficiency of 95% which makes them cost effective and efficient in heating your home quickly. The initial outlay can usually be recovered in as little as 3-5 years. With smart thermostats also available, you can customize your heating system and schedule it to be on when the family is home and not when everyone is out or asleep!

This flexibility saves money as you are not wasting fuel. FortisBC encourages homeowners to upgrade to high-efficiency heating equipment by offering incentives in the form of rebates. The current available rebate is $800.00-$1000.00 for qualifying models.

Boilers also have rebates available from $1000.00 to $1500.00, depending on the model. Bring your home comfort up a notch by upgrading your HVAC equipment; after all, your home is your sanctuary.

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