Forced-air systems

These systems blow heated or cooled air through your home.

A forced-air system distributes heat produced by the furnace or the coolness produced by a central air conditioner through an electrically powered fan, called a blower. The blower forces the air through a system of ducts throughout your home. As the warm air from the furnace flows into the rooms, colder air in the rooms flows down through another set of ducts (the cold air return system), to the furnace to be warmed. Central air conditioning systems use the same forced-air system, including the blower, to distribute cool air and bring warmer air back to be cooled.

Heat pumps

A fuel burning furnace is different from a heat pump in that it requires a fuel to produce heat. A heat pump takes heat out of the air, compresses it, and moves it to another location. In the winter, that means moving heat inside, and the reverse in the summer. Heat pumps can be used in a split system (and ducted) or there are ductless options.


A boiler heats water which is then distributed through the home through pipes via radiators or a coil in your ductwork which is then distributed by an air handler. Boilers send cold water, hot water, or steam through pipes that run throughout your home.

Radiant systems are run by a boiler and distribute heat using a radiator. Water is heated up by the furnace and heat is distributed through pipes that are embedded in the walls, floors, or ceilings. Radiant systems can only be used for heating.

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