A little TLC for your AC

Temperatures are beginning to climb so it is time to prepare your Cooling equipment for the summer months. Here are a few self-care tips for your AC…

Are your filters clean?

One of the first tips is to check the condition of your filters.
As the equipment is running, the filter collects dust and allergens from the air passing through it. This will build up over time, limiting the air flow through it.
If the air cannot pass through, it will cause the equipment to have limited efficiency and could cause damage over time.

Give your reusable filter a bath every six months to insure top efficiency.
Suffer from Allergies or have a pet? Clean every three months.
If you do not have a reusable filter, change your filter before using your equipment each year.

How are your ducts & vents?

If your vents are not maintained, they can lower the air quality in your home significantly. Blockages in any part of the ductwork form debris, can lower your HVAC efficiency both for heating and cooling.

Check all vents throughout your home, make sure they are open to enable air to pass through freely. It is recommended to have your vents professionally cleaned once or twice a year to keep dust and debris at a minimum.

Gardening anyone?

Your AC condenser sits outside your home feeling lonely all winter.
Debris such as leaves, and branches may have accumulated on or near it.
It is essential to clean these away and insure there is nothing that will hinder the operation of the unit.

You are SO cool!

Maximize your cooling potential by taking a few simple measures to assist your equipment to thrive.
Upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat, which can be programmed by your mobile device, or even to a programable thermostat, gives you compete control over your indoor temperature.
Installing window covers to help block the suns rays during the day and installing ceiling or standing fans all help to decrease how had your unit has to work to maintain your ideal temperature.

Lastly, scheduling annual maintenance service with a HVAC technician gives you peace of mind knowing your equipment has been tuned up and will be there for your all summer long.