The hot water tank stores hot water for use around your home, including your sinks, showers and baths. BC Wide Home Services provides services to help maintain your hot water tank and handles the necessary repairs and installation of replacements. In our hands, your hot water tanks will act like they are new, saving you money.

We provide:
  Service & maintenance
  Replacement and repair
  Flush, drain and bleed the system

Hot Water Tank Service

To get the most out of your hot water tank, regular maintenance is essential. With the proper service, we can identify potential problems down the line and target them so we can neutralize them before they do any damage.

In our regular maintenance, we will check for:

  Carbon monoxide
  Gas leaks
  Water leaks
  Pressure and temperature levels
  Burner assembly
  Safety hazards

Hot Water Tank Repair

Maintaining your hot water tank helps keep your house supplied with the water it needs everyday. BC Wide Home Services offers swift and efficient repair services for when your tanks need it. Our 24/7 emergency services allows us to be there for you whenever you need it so that your daily routine will only suffer the most minimal of disruptions.

If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact us for repairs:

  Lack of hot water
  Discolored water
  Water that smells foul
  Water leaks
  Squeaking, popping, or other unusual noises
  Ruptures or punctures in the tank
  Low water pressure
  Broken and detached pipes
  Dents and other exterior damage
  Malfunctioning pilot lights

Hot Water Tank Installation

BC Wide Home Services offers installations for both regular water tanks and tankless, on-demand water heaters. We are proud to carry tanks and water heating systems from industry leaders such as Rheem and Navien. Our certified technicians will handle all the heavy lifting of installing your new unit and disposal of the old one.


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